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Snappy Home Services offers superior plumbing service to all of Metro Atlanta! Whether it’s a minor faucet repair, repairing a leaky pipe or toilet, replacing your water heater or repair/replacement of anything in between we would be honored at the opportunity to earn your business! We offer plumbing services & live operators 24/7 to ensure we are there when you need us. Snappy’s trained plumbing experts even offer annual inspections and water heater flushes to provide confidence in your entire plumbing system year round. These same great services and professionalism doesn’t stop at your home. We understand the importance of keeping your business operating efficiently as well, so when in need, allow us to help get your plumbing system & business back up and running! Read More

Sewer & Drain

Drain Pain? There are not many home issues worst than a backed-up sewer drain allowing sewage in your home! Over the years build up of food waste, grease, soap scum and every other thing that goes down your drain can accumulate, slowing or even stopping the flow of your drainage system. In these scenarios you need to call the professional drain team of Snappy because our licensed plumbers are experts in clearing, replacing and servicing drain lines of all sizes residential and commercial. From stubborn sink drains to whole house main line clogs-these are the issues that have to be handled in a “SNAP” so that you can continue with your life or business. We stock all the latest tools and materials on our trucks to ensure we get the job done right in as little time as possible. We inspect every applicable drain repair or service with fiber optic cameras to ensure the job was done right before we leave! Read More


For Reliable heating & air service, repair or replacement at your home or business look no further! We offer comprehensive home and commercial service agreements to help keep your equipment in tip-top shape, as well as 24/7 service for the breakdowns that leave you in the cold! Our NATE certified technicians service all makes and models of furnaces, residential or commercial, so there is no issue that can’t be solved in a “SNAP”! Are you ready to replace your old inefficient heating system? No worries because you are just one click away from scheduling a comfort advisor for a free assessment. We will provide you with options on all the latest energy efficient equipment in order to find solutions for all budgets! Read More

Air Conditioning

Do you ever wonder why your AC system runs all day and night? Is your cool air mechanical system giving you problems? Would you like to reduce your energy bills in summer months, or totally cut your annual energy costs all together? We can help you with all of these cooling issues and much more! Snappy Services is one of metro Atlanta’s most trusted and reliable air conditioning repair companies. Our NATE certified technicians have the parts on their trucks to fix most all repairs same day, with no shortage of customer service. We offer AC maintenance programs, AC service and repair on all makes and models, as well as upgrades and replacements. It is the mission of our comfort advisors to educate you on your system and provide several replacement options to ensure you make the best decisions for you and your family. We stand behind all of our installations with a lifetime parts and labor warranty! We want to provide a guaranteed piece of mind that can’t be beat! So when you think air conditioning for your home or business think Snappy! Read More


SAFETY FIRST! In 2011 the National Fire Protection Association reported over 64,000 residential and commercial structure fires caused by electrical malfunction. Your home electrical system needs to be respected, and to us nothing is more important than providing peace of mind for you and your family. That’s why we provide lifetime parts and labor warranties on repairs and upgrades. When technology improves so does safety and we offer all the new safety devices for your home and business that are now required by National Electrical Code. Unfortunately, older homes may not be equipped with these devices, don’t worry - call Snappy we can help! Our certified electricians will provide 5 star service and impeccable quality with all of our electrical repairs and installations. From tripping breakers to new lighting installation, whole house generator installations to surge protection or even hanging a ceiling fan, let us take care of your home. We also provide safety inspections as part of our home protection plan to ensure the continuity of your electrical system. Read More

Indoor Air Quality

The EPA has ranked indoor air quality pollution among the top 5 environmental dangers. Research has proven in many cases indoor air quality can be up to 100 times worse than the air we breathe outdoors, which is scary especially for children and the elderly! Do you or someone in your family continue to have excessive hay fever symptoms, allergies, breathing issues, fatigue, constant headaches or migraines? These are all symptoms of poor air quality, the good news is that it can be fixed. With the use of special instruments, meters and tools you can be sure that we can solve any indoor air quality issue you may have. Snappy also offers a whole host of products to reduce and eliminate indoor air pollutants like, mold, VOC’s, dust mites, pet dander and more! Read More

Attic Insulation

Are you tired of high energy bills, drafty rooms, areas of the home that are never comfortable? Well, if your home is not properly air sealed and insulated you can lose up to half of your conditioned air throughout the year, this means you are paying double what you should to properly heat and cool your home. This can also be the reason for major comfort issues. Don’t worry call Snappy because we can find the issues and offer proven solutions to improve your indoor comfort and cut your energy bills! We can also help receive massive rebates available depending on your utility companies in your area. Don’t wait, call us for a free energy assessment! Read More

Green Services

“Green Services” are the many extras that we provide here at Snappy Services that can improve the quality of life for you and your family. These services improve the comfort of your home, provide significant savings on the operation of your home cutting utility bills in half and sometimes much more. Additionally, our green services ensure the safety of home operations to include indoor air quality, water quality and proper operation of your gas appliances that create carbon monoxide while in operation. Many of these items are inspected through our home energy audits as well through a standard service call with any of our highly trained service professionals in any trade. We offer many products and services like insulation installation, crawlspace encapsulations, whole house air cleaners, high efficiency appliances and much much more! We can also help you acquire many available rebates in your area for reducing your carbon footprint, in many cases up to $2,200.00! Read More/p>

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    5 star rating I've used Snappy several times over the past 2 years for plumbing and ac services. Their people are always professional and polite.

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    5 star rating Snappy Electric and Plumbing installed a heating pump and electrical fans. We were very happy with our service, and they were kind and friendly. They gave us advice on different things, and there were no huge expenses with anything. We have not had any problems since their installation.

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    5 star ratingMy ac unit broke down last Fri night, I called several companies and only Snappy could come out that night. The tech was very friendly and found our problem quickly. He gave us several options for repairs. He fixed the unit and got us back cooling that night. We signed up for their protection plan that included lifetime parts and labor on the work they did. Snappy saved what would have been a long hot night.

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    5 star ratingJon gave excellent service. On time. Experienced. Neat. Very pleasant. Would be glad to have him again.