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How clean is your tap water? Do you drink it? Do you cook, bath and clean with it?

Studies have shown that you absorb more water into your body and bloodstream during a 10 minute shower than if you were to drink 56 ounces of the same water!

Your local municipality uses many different chemicals and chloramines to treat the water to remove bacteria as it travels though the water system. The distribution pipes under out streets and communities are very old, so the water must be treated to make it to your home safely. But what about the water quality once it enters your home?

The chloramines added, speed up the break-down process of plastics and rubber (plumbing piping, faucets and valves all have plastic or rubber parts), and they are also bad for you and your family’s health. Some of the symptoms associated with high chlorine levels are redness and burning of the eyes, flakey/itchy scalp and damaged or brittle hair. With high concentrations, hardness of arteries and aggravation of the lungs can occur. Below are the most common items found in county tap water:

  • Chemicals
  • Bacteria
  • Chemicals
  • Trash
  • Fuel
  • Dirt
  • VOC’s
  • Viruses
  • Fertilizers, Pesticides & Herbicides
  • Chlorine & Chloramines

These items are harmful to your health and need to be removed before use or consumption. This can be accomplished with a whole-house filtration system. This means all of the water used in your home from your dishwasher, washing machine, kitchen sink and showers will have pristine filtered water just like you would purchase from your local grocery store.

For an in-home water analysis and proposal on the water treatment solution that’s right for you, contact Snappy today. We provide our water quality solutions to all of our local service areas.

Water Filtration & Treatment

Snappy provides a variety of water quality solutions including point-of-use and whole-house water filtration systems and equipment, plus we repair all makes and models. Each system is designed to provide you with a steady supply of clean and fresh home water for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing.

  • Point-of-use water filters remove lead from drinking water immediately prior to consumption, thus preventing this harmful substance from entering the body.
  • Countertop water filters provide a steady source of clean, healthy water that costs much less than bottled water and helps avoid all the waste associated with plastic water bottles
  • Under-the-sink water filters serve the same purpose as countertop filters. They’re small enough to fit under any size sink.
  • Whole-house water filters provide cleaner and healthier water at every water source in your home, including your toilets, washing machine, dishwasher, shower and everything in between.

No matter what the water condition problem is, the Snappy team has the experience and skill to bring about long-lasting solutions. We install the very best water filtration equipment plus we repair all makes and models should anything go wrong with your current system.

Water Quality Benefits

  • High quality water from every faucet in your home
  • Cook with filtered water
  • Bath with filtered water
  • Wash cloths & clean your home with filtered water
  • Protect your plumbing system from premature failures
  • Reduces dry & irritated skin
  • Protects your plumbing system form premature failure
  • Stop buying bottled water & filling landfills with plastic bottles!
  • and much more

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