Solar Water Heater

solar panelsThere is no lack of sun here in Georgia. That means there is no better place to have a solar water heater. Did you know a solar water heater can provide up to 80% of your home’s hot water needs using free energy provided by the sun? That’s right! This makes a solar (or thermal) water heater the most energy efficient option of all, even during the fall and winter months. By design a solar water heater system consists of 1-3 solar collector panels mounted on your roof and an indoor heat exchanger where a heated anti-freeze solution is transferred to your hot water storage tank. Interested in Snappy’s other hot water heater solutions? Find the perfect water heater solution here.

Solar Water Heater Benefits

The beauty of a solar water heating system is in it’s simplicity and effectiveness. So effective that you can expect to save up to $140 per year or $2,900 over the lifetime of a solar water heater when it’s combined with a back-up gas storage tank water heater.

A solar and tankless water heater work together to provide a more efficient water heating system. When stored water from your solar water heater is not hot enough to fill your needs, the tankless heater has the ability to supply the extra you need to meet the demand.

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