Heat Pump Water Heater

The newest type of water heater has hit the market: electric heat pump water heaters. These highly efficient systems draw heat from the outdoor air to heat your water while cooling and dehumidifying the ambient air around the indoor unit.

Why Install a Heat Pump Water Heater

Some benefits to a heat pump water heater include:

  • Increased efficiency: even though heat pump water heaters are powered by electricity, they are far more energy efficient than standard gas or electric water heaters.
  • A high capacity storage tank further enhances energy efficiency.
  • You can cut your water heating costs by 25%-50%!
  • User-friendly LCD control panel facilitates an easy system interaction.
  • Power anode protects the tank for 10 years.

Snappy will ensure an expert system design, answers to all of your installation or repair questions, and assistance in obtaining available incentives and rebates.

Are you still unsure if a heat pump water heater is the right choice for your home? Snappy has a wide array of water heaters that we install, replace, maintain, and service. Snappy offers heat pump water heaters to all of our services areas.

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