Most homes we encounter do not have enough insulation. There is a minimum amount of insulation required by building codes but many times this just isn’t enough. Inadequate insulation creates drafty areas, energy loss, increased utility bills, and an overall uncomfortable home. Many homeowners blame their HVAC system for especially cold spots or drafty rooms but this is usually not the case at all. Many times this can be blamed on insufficient amounts of insulation.

You may ask yourself what kind of insulation does my home need? Where do I need it most? Snappy can answer all of your questions and we provide FREE quotes and estimates, finding the correct areas and type(s) of insulation your home would benefit from most.


Don’t hire a “Blow and Go” insulation company!

Insulation works best when air is not moving around or through it. This being said, it is very important to seal air leaks first to ensure you get the best possible results from your insulation. Proper air sealing and insulation can reduce your home’s energy costs by as much as 30%, according to the Department of Energy! By adding insulation without air sealing first will only give you minimal improvements. In most homes we provide services to, we see insulation that was improperly installed or not installed at all in some areas. It is very common for us to see little to no insulation in the attic. You can go to your attic and look around; if you can see your ceiling joists, you need additional insulation. See photo to the right as an example.

Ceiling Insulation

With energy costs on the rise, it is important to make sure your entire home is properly insulated. Ceiling insulation provides essential sound control between the floors of your home. We specialize in basement ceiling insulation, insulation above the living room and more.

Wall & Floor Insulation

Georgia, like in most climates, insulation is needed on all sides of the house: under your flooring, in basement walls, and at the ceiling or roof. Wall and floor insulation is an effective way to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your home. Wall and floor insulation are often forgotten but is an important insulation to install in your home. Are your hardwood floors cold in the winter? Snappy can solve this issue! We offer free energy assessments to determine the cause of the burdensome issue.

Attic Insulation

Heat passes easily through a poorly insulated attic which can cause a drastic increase in your energy bills. Naturally, heated interior air rises, especially in chilly winter months, and is lost through numerous attic air leaks. To tackle these issues, we first seal the air leaks, followed by new or additional attic insulation. Types of attic insulation we offer include: cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wool, spray foam, and rigid foam. Ask your service representative about our Green Fiber products which create a great sound barrier as well as being pest and rodent resistant.

Duct Insulation

Uninsulated duct work is located in your attic, basement or crawlspace. Your ductwork will have the same temperature as those spaces. This means your ductwork has to heat up before heating your home, making it work twice as hard. Duct insulation will improve your comfort and energy performance. The Snappy team also specializes in duct sealing, as duct sealing and insulation go hand-in-hand.

Crawl Space Insulation

Builders often forgo crawl space insulation or install the incorrect type, and vent the space to the outside allowing warm and cold air into the space along with moisture. This can cause a home to become uncomfortable, as well as encourage mold growth, damp crawl space, or wood rot due to moisture entry. Fortunately Snappy installs rigid foam insulation which is specially made for crawl spaces to prevent the absorption of moisture or mold growth. We also offer crawlspace encapsulations which eliminate moisture and mold issues, creating a separation from the Earth between you and your home. By having your crawlspace encapsulated you also reduce or eliminate irritating past and rodent issues. If you have a heating and air system located in your crawlspace or your home is not properly air sealed you can guarantee that the nasty, damp air in your crawlspace is entering your home causing an air quality nightmare. Because the crawlspace is vented to the outside and connected to your conditioned space on average encapsulations cut your heating and cooling costs by 15-20%.

Infrared camera spots inadequate insulation

infrared_insulationThe infrared camera image (on the left) illustrates a section of the attic that is missing a significant amount of insulation. This was taken in the winter so it shows where the cold attic air (in blue) is cooling the room because of the lack of insulation existing in this section of the attic. Coupled with the leaky window (seen around the window frame), this part of the room will always have a varying temperature depending upon the seasons. Snappy utilizes infrared cameras prior to all of our insulation installations. Insulation performance is measured by R-value – it’s ability to resist heat flow. The higher the value, the more insulating power it possesses. Varying R-values are recommended for walls, attics, basements, and crawlspaces depending upon the area of the country. At Snappy Services we typically recommend from R-40 to R-60 in attics to maximize comfort and energy and utility bill savings.

Significant heat loss

house_infraredHeat flows naturally from a warmer to a cooler space. The image to the right was taken with an infrared camera in the winter. It is clear to see by the red and white areas of the roof that a massive amount of heat is rising into the attic from the living space. Essentially, the homeowner is paying the utility company to heat their attic. The goal is to have a cold attic in the winter – you want all the warm air to stay in your living space. During the winter, heat moves directly from all heated areas to unheated attics, garages, basements and even to the outdoors. During the summer, heat flows from outside to the interior of the house and radiates down from the attic where inadequate insulation is present. More important than the type of insulation you use is how it is installed. Ensure your insulation project is done correctly by calling the experts at Snappy Services. We offer all our insulation services to our local service areas.

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