Electrical Inspection

electrical inspectionAn electrical inspection might be one of the last items you think about when considering home maintenance. There are a host of reasons why you should schedule a whole-house wiring inspection with Snappy, but the most important is your ongoing safety. Outdated or incorrectly installed electrical wiring can cause a potential fire hazard. Having a professional electrician inspect all of your home wiring once a year can help prevent problems, which is essential to your family’s safety.

Need an electrical wiring inspection?

How do you know if your electrical wiring needs to be inspected? Here are some key indicators:

  • If your home has undergone a renovation or if you’ve added new appliances
  • If your home was previously owned
  • Your lights flicker or dim more than occasionally
  • If your circuit breakers or fuses trip or blow often
  • Outlets and light switch faceplates are discolored from heat or are hot to the touch
  • Extension cords and multiple power strips in permanent use around your home

Home Electrical Inspection

Here is What to Expect

Snappy’s electricians will be able to answer the following questions after the completion of your electrical inspection:

  • Is your home power supply adequate for your home electronics, appliances, and comfort systems; especially since newer models tend to draw more electricity?
  • Are your electrical panels labeled correctly and in safe working order?
  • Is the electrical panel interior free of rust, corrosion, pitting from overheating or even water?
  • Are circuits properly protected with the right size circuit breakers and up to code?
  • Are all of your outlets working properly? We measure for voltage drop, loose connections, and reversed polarity to make sure all outlets are safe and up to code.
  • Do you have a safe and proper grounding system to protect your home, appliances and family?
  • Do you have a ground/arc fault protection where required by code? If so, are they installed correctly and in working order?
  • Are all of your electronic devices throughout your home properly protected from power surges caused by the utility company or mother nature?

Many home services can wait, but we highly encourage having an electrical inspection as home safety is of the upmost importance. Snappy Services provides professional and thorough home wiring inspections to all of our service areas.

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