Circuit Breaker & Electrical Repair

circuit panel checkAs your home’s electrical components age and new technologies emerge, our homes must adapt to keep up. Does your home’s circuit breaker constantly trip? Or you find one or more of your home’s outlets often stops working when you are trying to use multiple electrical devices? There is a reason for this.

Many home electrical systems do not have the capacity to support today’s high powered devices. But there is a solution, consider upgrading your circuit breaker or service panel to make sure all of your electrical devices continue working seamlessly without interruption.

Circuit Breaker or Electrical Panel Upgrade

There are two main reasons to upgrade your circuit breaker or service:

Safety concerns

Many homes in Georgia have fuse boxes and electrical panels that can be 50 years old or older. The problem? This poses a safety issue because many old circuit breakers won’t trip when they are called upon to. This could be a potential fire hazard as heat builds up possibly breaking down components of your wiring and leading to a fire.

Increasing the electrical system’s capacity

A new circuit breaker or service panel will give you upgraded electrical capacity throughout your home. Snappy’s certified electricians will make sure this is accomplished safely, up to code and with minimum disruption to your daily routines.

At Snappy we offer all of our electrical upgrades to Marietta, North Atlanta and surrounding areas.

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