Ductless Air Conditioner

ductless air conditionerHave you added an addition to your home that your central AC system isn’t reaching? Or you have an existing room that you’d like to be air conditioned?

These are two great reasons why you might want to consider a ductless air conditioner or heat pump system. Ductless air systems provide all the comfort of central air or heating systems, but without the ductwork, saving you time and money.

What is a Ductless Air Conditioner?

A ductless air conditioner system comes in two varieties: air conditioning only or heating and air conditioning combined. Each system consists of an outdoor condensing unit and one or more inside blowers which can be installed on your walls, ceiling, floors or closets. An added bonus is that each outside condensing unit can support multiple rooms.

A ductless air conditioner is a great choice for rooms that your central air conditioning or heating system can’t reach.

Snappy provides our ductless air systems to our Georgia service areas.

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